FUEGO A furious dance, a passionate call, an outburst of energy. The tango rhythm is emerging from the restless flames that roar higher and higher. ‘Fuego’ or Fire could be called a Contemporary Tango, written for the Piano-Saxophone Duo, ‘Tango Nights’.


Antigone – a song cycle for Soprano and chamber music ensemble Wonders are many… Sin III. Love Fate Words: Excerpts from the Ancient Greek Tragedy "Antigone" by Sophocles, translated in English.

Dreams in a Groundless Land

What happens in our dreams usually reflects our thoughts and concerns but also moments of nostalgia and reminiscence. In this piece the influence from the folk music of my country is clear as the hasty nostalgic stages I sometimes have in my routine, since I left Cyprus and I moved to the ‘Groundless Land’.

East Coast Dive

Every summer I spent most of my vacation time at my hometown, at the East Coast of Cyprus. I swim and dive there almost every day. When I jump into these blue-green, crystal clear waters I just feel great! This piece was originally written for the Blues project of the pianist Marcel Worms, for Solo [...]

Aerial State of Mind

Aerial State of Mind is about the games played between the conscious and subconscious in our minds when it comes to making decisions. According to Freud’s structural model of the psyche, the ID is the part of our mind that is responsible for the impulsive and instinctual trends, the Superego has the moralizing role and [...]

Christopher 864, Overture, Scene 1, 4 & 6

Elements – for Solo Vibraphone My other selves – for two Contrabasses, Electronics and Dance A woman, lost, confused, angry. Does she deserve this? Is it her fault? Nobody deserves a life full of insecurity and despair. But for everyone there is a way out, whatever it costs; she will survive. “My other selves” is [...]

Αἰθήρ [Aether]

Aristotle named it as the fifth element of our universe. For the ancient Greek gods it was the pure essence that they breathed, filling the space where they lived. Amongst scientists and philosophers, Aether has been given numerous names, such as the fifth fundamental force or the medium that fills the upper space and transmits [...]

Cought in a loop

An electronic piece composed in collaboration with Eduardo Rojo González and Remi Inari for the Interdisciplinary Dance project, 'A Blind Date!' Vocals: Georgia Nicolaou Trumpet: Remi Inari Keyboard, Mixing: Eduardo Rojo González

I…that I am…am I…?

For months I’ve been listening to what resounds in me. Slamming doors and fucking neighbors are also mine from now on. I’ve deteriorated into the worst kind of music theatre. I only hear myself in a way I didn’t know I existed as: a micro polyphonic cluster. I don’t want to be anything else. Singing [...]