S o c i a l I C E – for Soprano and Saxophone

Silver Speech [Music: VAMP] – for Dance and Ensemble

Is that a Flash?  for Vocal Sextet, composed for the vocal group Caffeine.



Empty Pools – for Music Theater directed by Bram van Helden [electronic/electroacoustic music]

The Before, the After and the In Between – for large ensemble.

Elxis-Osis – for Bass Clarinet, Cello and Dance

Το ρολόι [The clock]  electroacoustic composition

I…that I am…am I…? – for Music Theatre

Through Skin – electroacoustic composition

ProPositions – Dance and Ensemble (Trombone, Violin, Cello and Percussion)



Cought in a loop – electroacoustic composition for Dance

Αἰθήρ [Aether] – for Classical Guitar

It’s Spring and Winter’s past  a song for two voices and acoustic guitar

Christopher 864, Overture, Scene 1, 4 & 6  – a multimedia opera composed in collaboration with the composers, AM. Lemereis, R.Alexander and Q.Jacobs.

Elements – for Solo Vibraphone

My other selves – for two Contrabasses, Electronics and Dance

Ηχώ [Echo] – for two Voices and Wii controller



Aerial State of Mind – for chamber ensemble

East Coast Dive – for Solo Piano [arranged also for Saxophone Quartet]

Dreams in a Groundless Land – for Clarinet and String Quartet



Antigone – a song cycle for Soprano and chamber music ensemble

Fuego – for Tenor Saxophone and Piano


2011 & Before   

Transparency – for Cello and Piano

Inception – for Solo Flute