For two Contrabasses - Electronics and Dance

My Other Shelves

A woman, lost, confused, angry. Does she deserve this? Is it her fault? Nobody deserves a life full of insecurity and despair. But for everyone there is a way out, whatever it costs; she will survive. “My other selves” is a piece about the struggle with her inner multiple selves where she will either win back or lose her exceptional dominance.
A blend between the dominance of the contrabasses, but also the dominance of her troubled mind. Will she drown in her own thoughts or listen to the voice that she lost?

Contrabass – Laura Nygren
Contrabass – Eva Euwe
Electronics – Georgia Nicolaou
Dancer – Inger van Beek

Concept – Georgia Nicolaou
Choreography – Inger van Beek/Georgia Nicolaou
Technical Assistance: Markos Moraitis